Appeer — where apps discover you.

We help you find apps and games you want.

We help you find apps and games you want. We combine what we know about you with what we know about people similar to you to deliver automated organic recommendations.

My Recs and Timeline

Appeer uses feeds of cards to show you the recommendations. My Recs shows you the recommendations (recs) you have received. Timeline shows you the recommendations all the people you follow have received.

Following and Followers

Best of both worlds! We will follow people for you who have similar app inventories and you can follow friends on Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook.

Organic App Recommendations

We don’t do paid app recommendations. We are solely focused on giving you the best recommendations.

Discover apps at your comfort

Appeer can be as passive or active as you want for app discovery.


* We created a secret Android-centric question and answer game just for early adopters.
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